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Selection of 8 different illustrated postcards (15 x 10.5 cm) featuring made by me collectable bear: Rudolf, Arnold, Tresor, Benji, Sisters Sole& Mia, Benedictus.
The postcards are one sided, printed on high quality paper with vintage look, with the text from the my book : “The Adventure of Teddy bear.The Maze of Lupine”.
The text is on seven postcards, one is without any text:
“Who else but you can know what you like most?”
“Bandy wanted to grow a plant of exceptional beauty”
“Something quite interesting happened to me during that journey”
“I’ll be waiting for your letter till I get a bit older. Then…”
“Why don’t we share it?”
“Where the fairies real or was he dreaming?”
“If you want to overcome your fear you simply have to hug someone”
All cards come without watermarks.


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