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My collaboration with children’s book writer K.J. Mecklenfeld

Not long time ago I was asked by   Children’s book writer K.J. Mecklenfeld to make the cover for the 2nd upcoming book. I was very interested. This is how career of being children’s book illustrator proceed 🙂  I was happy to hear that the book is about  green Teddy bear  – super hero – with his friend mol . And, of course, on the cover had to be those two sweeties 🙂

As the book is in Romanian language the writer told shortly me the story and thoughts how he sees the cover.

The bear is green and has a green space suit. His friend mol  has to have a pink space suit! Because… the mol inherited this suit from the Teddy Bear girl who disappeared many years ago….   Oh, those trilling stories. It’s so pitty that I can’t read it!  This is  a real Space Odyssey!

For  the first time in my life I had such a experience: to make a cover for a book in foreign language and I even couldn’t read it before!  We had to start somewhere.  Here were my first thoughts (drawings):

img_4726 img_4739



After some e-mails exchange we came to the final drawing:



And here is the book:


I’m quite satisfied how it turner out! Waiting for my copy to come 🙂

The launch of the book took place on the 18th of November in Bucharest at the Gaudeamus 2016 Interntional Book Fair, the biggest in Romania.

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