Hi! My name is Rasa. I'm a Teddy bear artist and children's book illustrator. Welcome to my page full of bears, books about bears, drawings and joy!

Illustration Embroidery

I’ve started a new project – illustration embroidery. I don’t know if there is such a term but I like to call it like that. I like to draw with pencils so I decided to do the same with my needle and thread. Every stitch I make in the same way I draw.  It’s very time consuming work. You work for a few hours and you do not see almost the difference. But this is some kind of relaxation. I guess I need already holiday because any work I have to do I can’t concentrate anymore. It’s not long left till holiday… Maybe this will be my holiday project 🙂


The progress after working on this piece for 4 or so … hours?…There are 4 different colours stitches done.

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