Hi! My name is Rasa. I'm a Teddy bear artist and children's book illustrator. Welcome to my page full of bears, books about bears, drawings and joy!

Vilnius Book Fair, 2016

This year is the second year when I participate with my books in Vilnius book fair. I like books, no, I love books. I made a joke once to my friend that I always liked Vilnius Book Fair and since I moved to live  to the Netherlands, I had to have a reason to come to the fair. So, I have it: I make illustrations for children’s book!

These four days  of the fair are wonderful : I meet a lot of people who enjoy my books, I hear a lot of nice words about my drawings, meet new people, other illustrators. In one word – It’s a Feast! A feast for my heart, for my feelings, for my inspiration! I already miss the fair while there are three days to go!




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