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The second book

Rasa’s Cozy Corner went on bear making holiday. I mean I didn’t make any bear for some time. I had a reason. Very good reason.

First, I made illustration for our first with Evelina book and later for the second. Yes, the second. The first book is published and almost sold out.  The second one is coming very soon. Actually in the end of February and more precise – we’ll present our second book during Vilnius Book Fair on 19-22 February.

If in the first book “Teddy bear stories. The maze of lupine” we told how good is to be honest and how you are rewarded for that, how not to overeat, how is to be different and that’s OK, how to share and to be happy. The second book “Teddy bear stories. The honey swap” tells stories about friendship, how good to have a small brother, how nice it is to do things not because you want a reward and etc.


So, here my holiday went ! Well, I’m happy for that and waiting to have the book in my hands unpatiently!

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