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Steam Punk Basil

Here is my the newest Steam Punk Basil. He is created in Holland so he speaks Dutch and English as well. He is the third one from my Steam Punk serie 🙂
Steam Punk Basil is 22 cm bear made from special bear material – mohair , has got 5 joints (double for the head),glass eyes, embroidered and waxed nose, shaded with oil paint, stuffed with fiberfill and steel pallets. Basil can stand very good and his arms are wired. He wears a cotton jacket made from old Dutch Marines uniform and lace from grandgrandma chest aged with coffee , wears a hat aged with coffee, goggles, all kind of details from old watches, on the back of jacket there is some kind of machine with an old silver chain.


3 responses to “Steam Punk Basil”

  1. pudra says:

    Nepaprastai galantiškas, geros širdies ir šilto žvilgsnio džentelmenas 🙂

  2. Rasa says:

    Rule of the Gentlman No.121: Be good hearted and warm look 😀
    Ačiū, Pudra:)

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