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ZeDonk is an interesting animal. Actually he is a mix of a Donkey and a Zebra so you get ZeDonk 🙂

ZeDonk – is 22 cm sitting and about 30cm standing, designed to sit, made from  two colours viscose (light one is dyed with black tea that it would get soft cream colour), has got 5 joints, glass eyes,hand painted with oil paint, stuffed with fiberfill and steel pallets.

More pics ZeDonk

3 responses to “ZeDonk”

  1. Barbara McGlamory says:

    This is my daughter’s favorite animal and I would like to get it for her because,she is graduating this year from high school with her A.A. degree as well. This is absolutely lovely but I do not see a price. I would so appreciate if you can get back to me. Thank you

  2. Michelle says:

    Good afternoon – how can I order one of these zedonk toys?

  3. Rasa says:

    Hi, the ZeDonk is one of a kind. Sorry , I do not make him anymore.

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